80.Why are there more and more people love the pour over coffee ?

Firstly, we must know what is pour over coffee ?
You must prepare below material:
1.A bag of roasted coffee bean .(It is better to choose the bag of coffee with coffee valve, so you can smell the coffee fresh or not though the coffee valve.)
2.The grinder machine.
cofffee grinder-COLOR SUNS












3.Drip filter paper.
drip filter-COLORSUNS
4.Drip Kettle, Filter Cup, Thermometer,Weighing device.
Grind the roasted coffee bean by the grinder machine, and use the weighing device to measure the coffee,(according to the cups of the coffee that you will taste), and put the roasted ground coffee into the drip filter paper. Prepare the hot water, and you can use the thermometer to measure the temperature of the water, and put the filter cup, and the coffee pot on the weighing device.
Pour the water into the ground coffee such like below picture :
pour over coffee1
Are you ready the coffee cup to taste the pour over coffee now ?pour over coffee3
Do you like the pour over coffee ? As usual, how do you make a cup of pour over coffee ?
We like the pour over coffee, because it is very easy to make a cup of pour over coffee. You just have those tool, you can make it at home. I think that is why there are more and more people like the pour over coffee, you can make it by yourself, and it is very easy to learn how to make a cup of pour over coffee.




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