73. Coffee Valve with filter can use for roasted ground coffee and roasted coffee bean

So many clients they will roasted coffee bean, and made them as ground coffee.
So they would like to ask whether they can use one kinds of coffee valve which can use for their coffee bean and ground coffee products.coffee bean-Color Suns coffee valve
The answer is : Yes, Of course!
We understand all the requirement from our clients. Most of them are producing and selling many different kinds of coffee: coffee bean, ground coffee.
So they need the degassing valve for both coffee, so that they can buy one kinds of degassing coffee valve to pack their both kinds of coffee.filter coffee valve1
The degassing coffee valve with filter is the best choice for the clients who are producing and packing the coffee bean and ground coffee.
Color Suns produced and offer the CS01—One way degassing valve with filter , which mainly used for ground coffee, but if our clients who packed both ground coffee and coffee bean, we will suggest you to choose the CS01 coffee valve with filter.
If you are interested in the CS01 Coffee valve with filter , you can check the technology detail from below link: http://www.colorsuns.com/products/coffeevalve/coffeevalve-cs01/
Also welcome to contact with our staff to get more information about the coffee valve or valve applicator machine.


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