79. What kinds of one way valve you are using now ?

We all know that, there are so many different kinds of one way valve in the market.
You will see some of them with bottom, and some of them in different color. They all in different size, different shape, and maybe different material.
Color Suns One Way Valve & Valve Applicator Machine mainly focus on producing one way valve, and selling them to all over the world.

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Maybe you are using the other size of one way valve, maybe your one way valve also similar with Color Suns one way valve.
So, what kinds of one way valve you are using now on your product line ? All of them are one way degassing valve ? What kinds of requirement for the one way valve you have ?
If you are interested in talking about different kinds of one way valve in the market, we would like to chat with you and share you our professional idea about the one way valve.
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