Coffee Valve-CS03

sticker coffee valve

CS03--Outside Sticker Coffee Valve
The outside sticker coffee valve CS03 not only proven itself suitable for use with flexible packaging. The Sticker Coffee Valve CS03 enhanced coffee valve for cans can be attached reliably and safely to containers. The  sticker coffee valve CS03 can be adjusted individually colored or metalized to the packaging design or the packaging material. For small quantities a manual attachement is possible. Once the fluid is added at the application to the packaging material, the coffee valve becomes activated. The fluid is approved for the contact to food.
Item No.:CS03(Sticker Coffee Valve)
Applications: Oxygen sensitive, degassing or fermenting products
Dimensions(Length×Width×Height ) : 20mm x 20mm x 0.5mm/ 0.79 × 0.79 × 0.008”
Opening pressure: 1500pa ~1700pa
Closing pressure: 1000pa ~ 1200pa
Long-term temperature resistance: 100℃
Short-term temperature resistance: 120℃
Adhesive strength: 22N/25mm
Guaranty for function: 18 months after activation 
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