Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator Machine–CSM01

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This Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator Machine CSM01,the coffee valve applicator machine CSM01 is displayed by the digital modulator,control the temperature is stable and reliable,the time relay control compression time,installing by a foot switch which facilitate hand operation and fit for use with a small air compressor which up to 0.3mbar. This product is ideal for one-way degassing valve sticking pressure. It not only use for installing the coffee valve into the coffee package,but also can use for installing the degassing valve into PE Bag,eg: Food Package,Pet Food Package(Horse Feed,Potato Powder Feed).
The machine need to run with a small air compressor,which up to 0.3mbar.
Item No.:CSM01
Body Material: Aluminum Frame
Dimension: 300mm(W)×380mm(D)×460mm(H)
Machine Speed: 600-800 pcs/hours
Max distance valve from top of pouch: 180mm
Power Requirement: 110v or 220v, 50 or 60 Hz
Minimum Bag Size: 38mm wide with 50mm side gusset
Total Weight: 23kg
1. Guarantee: 
One year warranty against defective parts and workmanship.
This warranty doesnot cover parts failure due to improper use of machine.
Warranty service is Color Suns Company Limited.
2. Features:
• Electronic Counter keeps the record of the pouches which have been done per day.
• Digital precision timer and temperature control assures consistent quality.
• Good for pre-made pouches with multi layers of polyester and sealant with or without aluminum foil.
• Good for any color of pouches, clear, solid, silver, gold or multi colors.
• Good for large or small size of valves available in the market Color Suns, Pacific Bag, Fres-Co, Sig and ICA.
• Aluminum Frame
• Spring loaded of valve sealing head to prevent damaging foil layer.
• Outside Holes on your package: 1-6 holes, you can remove the cylinder head on the machine, or custom a new one cylinder head.
Shipping and Freight Details:
MEAS: 320*410*440mm
Net Wt 23 kg / Gross Wt 27 kg
Pack By: One Wooden Box


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