75.Color Suns will test the Valve Applicator Machine before packing into the wooden box package

Color Suns will do the test after our clients ordered the CS Manual coffee valve applicator machine or Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator Machine.
Our technology department will test all the parts from the valve applicator machine, to make sure the valve applicator machine is running well while our clients got Color Suns valve applicator machine.
For the long distance transport by express, by air or by sea. We must make sure the valve applicator machine are prefect while our clients open their valve applicator machine.
But in the face of some unavoidable case, we will free to offer some wearing parts to our clients with the machine. So, while the clients face some little problem for the machine, they can handled it by themselves.
Below is the video while we are testing the Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator Machine:

After the good testing for the valve applicator machine, we will pack the machine into the wooden box.
All the products will be packed very well by the waterproof film:
You also can know more information about the Color Suns Valve Applicator Machine from below link:
CSM02: http://www.colorsuns.com/products/semi-automatic-coffee-valve-applicator-machine/semi-automatic-valve-applicator-machine-csm02/

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