74. How many holes you would like your coffee bag showed through the coffee valve in your package ?

We all know that, the coffee bag will have some holes on the package, because of the inside one way coffee valve.
But not all the people know that, this holes are made by the valve applicator machine who mainly installed the coffee valve into the coffee bag.
So, do you know how many holes can be showed on your coffee bag by this one way degassing valve and valve applicator machine?
The answers: 1 – 6 holes!coffee valve degassing
I think we can see many coffee bags from supper market or coffee shop, they will have some holes on the coffee bag by the inside coffee valve. And it maybe have 1 hole, 3 holes or the most are 6 holes.
But for true, they can show 1 hole, 2 holes,3 holes, 4 holes ,5 holes, even 6 holes on the coffee bags.
You can check below picture to see 1-6 holes on the coffee package:one way degassin valve
This is made by the Valve Applicator Machine, while you are installing the coffee valve into your coffee package, it will also make the holes on your coffee package.
This holes mainly for the coffee valve release the inside CO2 from the coffee package.
Some of clients would like their valve applicator machine show 1 hole, 2 holes,3 holes ,4 holes, 5 holes or 6 holes…...
Please tell our staff how many holes you hope the valve applicator machine can produce while you are buying the valve applicator machine.coffee valve, degassing valve, one-way degassing valve, one-way coffee valve, air valve, one-way gas valve, cafe valve, valve machine, coffee valve machine, valve applicator machine, valve applier, degassing valve applicator, degassing valve applicator machine, coffee degassing valve, Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator Machine, valve installer, manual valve machine, coffee valve installer,coffee valve installer machine, coffee, coffee package, package valve, one way valve, Color Suns Coffee Valve, Color Suns Valve, Color Suns one way valve, Color Suns Valve Applicator Machine, Color Suns degassing valve, Color Suns air valve, Color Suns coffee valve installer,Color Suns coffee valve applier. PE Valve, plastic valve, plastic coffee valve,pe coffee valve.Sticker coffee valve, coffee package bag, PP valve,
You also can know more information about the Color Suns Valve Applicator Machine from below link:
CSM02: http://www.colorsuns.com/products/semi-automatic-coffee-valve-applicator-machine/semi-automatic-valve-applicator-machine-csm02/ 


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