63.Why the CSM02-Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator Machine only can run one size of coffee valve ?

Color Suns One Way Coffee Valve & Valve Applicator Machine produced and offer the Valve Applicator Machine, one of them is CSM02—Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator Machine.
As you can see from the picture, the CSM02—Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator Machine have the foot switch, electronic counter on it and the special: with the vibration plate.
1.The Foot Switch can let you step on it, and install the coffee valve into your coffee package, eg like : Aluminum foil bag, craft paper coffee bag….
2.The electronic counter can let you know how many pieces of one way coffee valve you have installed today. It can do the records of your production of installing coffee valve until you press the “reset” button.
3.The special for the CSM02 is the vibration plate for the valve applicator machine, it have one special part for the CSM02, This vibration plate can transmit the coffee valve automatic by the vibration plate, it means that you can save one step which you no need to put the coffee valve on the valve applicator machine.
So , the CSM02 valve applicator machine with vibration plate will be faster than the CSM01 manual valve applicator machine. It can meet your large production of installing coffee valve.

Now we will talk about which kinds of coffee valve can run with this CSM02—Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator Machine.
So many clients who comes from all over the world will ask me this question:
1.Which kinds of coffee valve can run with this CSM02 Semi-Automatic valve applicator machine ?
Answers:  Only one size, one kinds of coffee valve can run with this CSM02 Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator Machine, the valve machine with one unit of vibration plate which have limited that it only can run one size of coffee valve on the valve applicator machine.
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1.We are using the other coffee valve, eg like : ……..
Answers: Your coffee valve can run with our CSM02valve applicator machine. But the original CSM02 valve applicator machine only can run COLOR SUNS ONE WAY COFFEE VALVE. So , it you need our valve applicator machine to run your coffee valve, please send us at least 400pcs your coffee valve sample to test on our machine, and do the customer design, it will need more time to produce and offer you the machine.
So please try to use our COLOR SUNS ONE WAY COFFEE VALVE.
2.How to use the vibration plate from this CSM02—Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator Machine ?
Answers: You can check the vibration plate controller from the picture.
1.Press the switch, you can open the vibration plate.
2.Choose the half wave for the vibration plate this is enough, because the half wave will more powerful than full wave.
3.You can choose the vibration plate frequency, the best speed for the vibration is 20. But if you can install the coffee valve very fast, you can choose the frequency which can match your speed of installing valves. coffee valve, degassing valve, one-way degassing valve, one-way coffee valve, air valve,  one-way gas valve, cafe valve, valve machine, coffee valve machine, valve applicator machine,  valve applier, degassing valve applicator, degassing valve applicator machine,  coffee degassing valve, Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator Machine, valve installer,  manual valve machine, coffee valve installer,coffee valve installer machine, coffee, coffee package,  package valve, one way valve, Color Suns Coffee Valve, Color Suns Valve, Color Suns one way valve, Color Suns Valve Applicator Machine, Color Suns degassing valve, Color Suns air valve, Color Suns coffee valve installer,Color Suns coffee valve applier. PE Valve, plastic valve, plastic coffee valve,pe coffee valve.Sticker coffee valve, coffee package bag, PP valve
Color Suns support all our clients , and we will try our best to offer you the high quality of coffee valve and valve applicator machine, and the best service.
If you want to know more information of the CSM02 Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator Machine, you can click this link: http://www.colorsuns.com/products/semi-automatic-coffee-valve-applicator-machine/semi-automatic-valve-applicator-machine-csm02/
If you can to know more information of COLOR SUNS ONE WAY COFFEE VALVE, you can click this link: http://www.colorsuns.com/products/coffeevalve/
If you want to buy the one way coffee valve or valve applicator machine, feel free to email us :
We will reply your email as soon as possible. Hope our best service, high quality and professional will let COLOR SUNS be your best partner.


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