67.You have coffee, we have story. Let us talk about the coffee story today—The fifth Coffee: Mocca.

Mocca was evolved by the Latte, was invented by Americans inspired by the Turin chocolate coffee. 
As the Latte, the Mocca is one-third of the expresso coffee and two-third of the hot milk, some time it will add some chocolate in it. Such as Cocoa or chocolate syrup, Sometime it would be dark or milk chocolate.
It is same with cappuccino, the Latte will show you the floating layers of foam, but sometimes it will instead by the cream, maybe will add some cinnamon, cocoa, or marshmallows. The tastes will be very rich.
Do you love the Mocca coffee?  I think a prefect cup of Mocca, the cocoa or the chocolate is very important, but the most important should be the coffee bean.
We all know that the roasted coffee bean will effect the tasted of a cup of coffee. So Do you want to know how to keep the roasted coffee bean or ground coffee fresh and aroma ? Yes, by the CS coffee valve and valve applicator machine. 

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